Favourable price for TechOne items

2017 TechOne product lines will be richer and more classical, TechOne would follow-up innovation and introduce some new materials with unique properties of revolutionary airplane, which is lighter and stronger and  with better flight performance and color designs than before.
Therefore, in order to achieve the diversification of products, here we are simplifying the existing

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DLG-1000 Techone the first unpowered glider

DLG-1000 is a amazing product, and represent Techone newest innovation and revolution after Venus.

It’s made of ultra-light EPO foam for wingspan, rudder & vertical stabilizer, wingspan use full carbon fiber reinforced, make sure the strength of wing. Fuselage parts are all made of high strength plastic, ensure even if the head of fuselage be

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Hobby Expo China 2015(Beijing)


Welcome you to come to China Beijing for Hobby Expo 2015, and sincerely invite you to visit Techone. We would take pretty new products  there.

Expect to talk with you face to face.Thank you all!

Exhibition:Hobby Expo China 2015(Beijing)
Time:April 23th-April 25th,2015
Booth #: E08-E11
Adddress:Out street No.135 Xizimen, Xicheng Distric,Beijing,China


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A new look for our site!

To offer customers a brand new and better experience on our website, our brand new TechOne website is online now! Hope you enjoy with our rc airplanes. If you notice anything funky on website, just let us know. We promise to fix the problem asap.

Besides, here is a good news. 5 NEW products for

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